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Salmon Arm, British Columbia

Welcome to our 2300sq foot health and wellness clinic in Salmon Arm British Columbia!

At Excito Life we look at the big picture encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies in each client’s individualized path to healing. Instead of diagnosing and treating a set of symptoms, we aim to find the root cause of the imbalances and help restore the body mind and soul through multiple avenues of healing.

Our mission is to create a one stop safe space for the community to come and find local practitioners with a variety of skill sets. The human body has the amazing capability to heal itself when given the support it needs. If you’re looking for support on your health and wellness journey, you’ve come to the right place!

Our Team

Spencer Devolin and Elizabeth Honeycutt

Spencer and Elizabeth converge their expertise to bring you a holistic approach to well-being. Meet Spencer, a skilled practitioner in both massage therapy and personal training. His hands-on techniques and personalized fitness programs are designed to elevate your physical well-being, guiding you towards a healthier and more vibrant life.

On the other side of the spectrum is Elizabeth, a dedicated health coach and fascial release practitioner. With a passion for helping others achieve optimal health, Elizabeth utilizes her expertise to address both the physical and mental aspects of wellness. Through health coaching, she empowers individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes, while her fascial release techniques unlock tension and promote overall flexibility.

Together, Spencer and Elizabeth form the powerhouse team behind Syntropy Wellness, united by a shared mission to guide individuals on a transformative journey. Their goal is to lead you through the path of overcoming pain and witnessing the miraculous transformation that comes with embracing a holistic approach to well-being.

At Syntropy Wellness, we believe in the synergy of mind and body, working together harmoniously to achieve lasting health and vitality. Join us on this wellness journey, and let Spencer and Elizabeth be your guides to a more fulfilling and pain-free life.

Bree Anaka


Bree is a Registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and the owner of Back to Self. She has a compassionate curiosity for how you have come to be where you are today and who you hope to be in the days yet to unfold.

Bree became fascinated with the human body and its ability to heal through my own health journey. Struggling with Endometriosis for two decades, she spent years navigating the medical world seeking relief that couldn't be found. Sparking determination to find solutions beyond prescription opioids and surgeries, Bree began managing her pain through extensive diet and lifestyle changes and plant medicine support. While this alleviated some pain, she could never quite find the relief she so desperately sought. When BCST came into her life, she gained a deeper understanding of how compounding traumas, injuries, and life experiences can get stuck within the body and cause significant physical, mental, and emotional health issues. Bree became increasingly curious how regulating the nervous system through safety and relaxation creates the potent state where traumas, tensions and holding patterns can be released gently and with ease. When we can find this state and support the body in processing, massive resources of health become accessible, and this has a positive impact on our entire being. Since starting her personal BCST journey and supporting clients, Bree gained a profound respect for the inherent healing ability of the human body and the potential for wellness within us all. She truly loves seeing how much people light up as they find relief from aches and pains, feel more centered and calm, and gain a deeper connection with who they are. She sits here today, completely free of Endometriosis.

Prior to finding herself in this current role, Bree was a social worker for nearly 10 years with focused on supporting children, youth and adults who experienced high levels of trauma. She sees this time in her life as an educational deep dive into the vastness of the human experience. Bree is forever grateful to all the clients she has met during this time, as cumulatively they taught her the importance of compassion and kindness, how to hold safe, relational space, how to navigate difficult conversations without judgement, and how to support someone in finding themselves again.

What is BCST?
BCST is a profound yet gentle light touch healing modality that supports deep nervous system regulation to access the innate healing abilities of the body. This modality offers relief for physical, mental, and emotional health needs for anyone, at any stage in life.

I offer sessions for adults, children, and small animals at ExcitoLife Health and Wellness on Mondays and Fridays. From Tuesdays to Thursdays and Saturdays, I offer in home sessions for adults, children, and animals of all sizes to the Shuswap and North Okanagan regions.

In home sessions please contact 306-530-4733 or email

I look forward to connecting with you!

Nicole Armstrong

Nicole’s commitment to holistic wellness and passion for natural health shine through in her work at Love Hydrahealing, located at Excito life's clinic in Salmon Arm. Her dedication to the community is evident as she aims to make even the most sensitive individuals feel comfortable in their own skin.

She struggled with psoriasis and has most of her life. Finding comfort and compassion from others in the most sensitive times was so huge for her health and drive to find better in herself and her skin care journey. Nicole wants to pass on that same support to the beautiful humans in this community.

Nicole’s personal skin and body health has led her to have enormous empathy for those who also struggle with their own skin and body health. If you are looking for help or doing general skin care maintenance, she has got you covered!

Love Hydrahealings mission is to support a natural approach to aesthetic care and body care. Love Hydrahealing distinguishes itself further as the ONLY facility in Shuswap equipped with a CERTIFIED Hydrafacial System. This commitment to using internationally leading technology ensures that clients receive top-notch, quality care. With no downtime, this pain free service will leave you with amazing results after just one visit. Accumulated visits will greatly improve your skin as Hydrafacials repair damage in each session from head to toe!

Nicole’s journey from the Fraser Valley to Shuswap has led to the creation of Love Hydrahealing. Her holistic approach to well-being encompasses natural aesthetic care, full-body lymphatic drainage and Scalp Health. Through personalized treatments and a soothing environment, she aims to enhance not only the skin but also the overall health and vitality of the community she serves.

Asiarita Garnier

Asiarita has been a Reiki practitioner and bodyworker since 2018. Her passion for massage started when she was a child, and always loved giving her family massages. She always felt like there was a natural pull for her to do energy work and bodywork. She developed a passion for healing and helping others, by drawing strength and inspiration from her Father, Aunt and Grandmother, three strong influences in her childhood. They all had a natural desire and calling to assist those in need of healing, and they continue to inspire her to this day.

She started out her journey just doing Reiki healing. Then realized that people needed more bodywork and would be able to move more energy and heal quickly if she worked directly on the body. That is when she decided to incorporate bodywork massage into her Reiki healing.

Beyond Reiki and massage, Asiarita also offers deeper healing ceremonies using Sananga and Kambo. She believes that when we are able to tune into our bodies and listen to what they have to say, we can begin to heal ourselves and develop a deeper connection between the mind, body and spirit

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