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Jason has had a life-changing impact on my life. His approach to health/wellness is beyond anything that I have ever experienced. His approach is absolutely holistic and starts with your inner core - what’s inside. J has taught me that the physical is an absolute reflection of your inner. As an entrepreneur, we have high levels of stress in life that must be managed. I have learned that this can be done through a balance of nutrition, fitness and rest. Yes, rest. Who would have thought? Jason is a teacher, a therapist, a fitness coach and a holistic nutritionist. The impact he will have on your life is undeniable. As he once put it “If you do what I tell you to do – I guarantee results”. And he was absolutely right!



I have been working with Jay for two years now (almost 25 visits!) and his work is unlike any other. Through his wisdom, in-depth knowledge and generous support, I have worked through hormonal imbalances, fungus/mold toxicity (inflammation), healed lineage patterns and truthfully have taken my healing journey to a whole other level. My emotional, physical, mental and energetic systems have all been supported deeper with Jay’s guidance. I appreciate you, immensely, Jay. Onwards and Upwards…. xx

Kiera Noelle

Feminine Leadership Mentor + Energy Coach, Toronto

When I first came to see Jason in July 2019 I didn’t realize how truly sick I was. All the symptoms I had, I assumed were normal for an aging, busy mom of 3. I suffered daily with heartburn, colitis, pre-diabetes- inflammation, bloating, fatigue, brain fog, hair loss, depression and was overweight. After my first assessment, I knew things had to change in my life but I wasn’t at all prepared for what was to come. Jason lead me through a journey- physical, emotional and spiritual- to better overall health, and to a better me. Almost 3 years later, I am off all medications and no longer suffer with any of the ailments listed above. I still see Jason regularly for assessments, and I’ve never felt better in my life. I sleep well, I have enough energy to keep up with my kids and join them in their activities!!! I’ve taken up skiing, snorkeling, tobogganing, running 10km races, practicing Muay Thai, and hiking. I’ve got my life back. I can’t say enough about Jason and the way he explains everything in a way that’s easy to understand, and is relatable. He pushes me when I need pushing, and motivates me when it’s time for change. If you’re ready to put in the work, make the changes and want to start living then Jason’s your guy. I can’t imagine where I’d be without him.

Kyla Brennan

Energy Healer, Port Perry

I’ll start by saying if I didn’t meet Jason I don’t know where I would be. I’ve been a constant health case as long as I can remember. Asthma, broken bones, surgeries, chronic pain and inflammation to name a few consistencies in my life before. Brain fog was a big thing I dealt too with even though I wasn’t even aware of it until after the fact. I felt stupid and slow but I thought that was just me. And of course all of the above was nothing any doctor thought to do anything about. I had prescriptions upon prescriptions to mask whatever was going in. But nothing was ever offered to make it better or change my baseline state of health. Jason taught me how my diet and lifestyle were causing most, if not all of these constant battles I was facing. He helped me understand the situation my body was in and gave/gives me tools and support to reverse the damage I had done. I’m still in the middle of my journey but I can’t explain how far I’ve come in the past 10 months. And Jason’s tough love and knowledge got me here. Not only do I feel healthier and more in control but this journey has helped me understand that health is a lifelong commitment. As well as my inward and personal growth journey has been amazing through this transition. Thank you Jason. You’re a lifesaver.

Nikola Posch

Server, Vancouver

I’ve dealt with skin problems since I was roughly 10 years old. I would get white spots that would appear, stick around for a few weeks or months and then disappear. They would change in location usually and we're always worse in the summers. Medical doctors told me to use selenium sulfide to burn them off, naturopaths gave me dietary and lifestyle changes. But Jason was the first person to give me a change. My ND told me it was a yeast overgrowth in my gut, Jason's testing agreed with this diagnosis but Jason's approach gave me a significant change. In only 5 weeks Jason's suggestions completely addressed my skin issues, skin issues that I've had for 19 years. Its a shame that medical doctors rely only on prescriptions to manage a problem rather than finding out why the problem started in the first place.

Dr. Isaiah Redfern

Clinical Neuroscience Chriopractor, Ottawa

Working with Jay has helped me develop a more in-depth understanding of how stress affected my health and caused the symptoms that I was experiencing. Prior to seeing Jay, I experienced severe acid reflux and bloating pain to the point that on my bad days I was unable to move. It was extremely uncomfortable and painful. I had gone for a scope and been followed by my family doctor with minimal relief. I was careful of what I ate as I was afraid of triggering my symptoms. Working with Jay, he was able to tell me I was making myself sick through being stressed all the time as well as having an overgrowth of candida in my gut. Within a month of following the diet plan, remedies and detox plan, I was symptom free. Working with Jay has helped me develop an appreciation of how our emotional and mental state affects our physical health. Jay challenges you to reflect on your actions and behaviours and how your thoughts influence your health. It’s been an enlightening experience taking on this new approach to healing through our mindset. I highly recommend working with Jay if you are tired of feeling the way you do and committed to doing the work to heal from the inside out.

Jasmine Chan

Registered Nurse, Stouffville

I meet Jason for the first time in September 2021. I wanted to regulate my hormones and I was craving to just feel better! After a few months of protocols and diet change, my physical body was starting to feel better and stronger. However, something was missing. During my first visit with Jason, I remember, one of the first things he asked me was: Are you stressed? How are you dealing with your emotions? Me stressed?! Never! Emotions?! What are those? Fast forward to summer of 2022, I started having nasty panic attacks and deep anxiety about everything in life. I felt lost and didn’t know to whom or where to turn to for help. This is when Jason introduced me to his beautiful wife, Eryn! Eryn and her beautiful calming soul took my hand and guided me to my beautiful awakening, going inward and doing the emotional work. Life is a journey. When you have the proper tools and community, riding the wave makes it a little easier. Your physical, emotional and spiritual body all need love and attention in order to thrive and to be your best version. I will forever be grateful for both you, Love, Rach xx

Rachelle Blais

Dental Hygienist

Working with Eryn and Jason at Excito Life has changed my life. I’ve lost 30 pounds, reduced anxiety and stress on a daily basis, and regained clarity about where my life is headed. With Jason I am working on my physical body, specifically my nervous system and systemic inflammation. With a rigorous plant medicine regime I was able to improve all systems and keep my inflammation at bay. With Eryn was able to understand my emotional body and how it was affecting my nervous system and stress levels. We tackled the immediate situational stressors and also looked at the big picture and direction of my life as whole. Since working with both of them I have not only lost weight and gained energy and focus but I am now moving forward with velocity in my career. I wrote a book and took on new and exciting postings with influential organizations. There’s no way I could have achieved these things with my mind and body in crises but I’m happy to say their healing programs has put me on a path of recovery. I believe it’s the mind, body, and spirit approach Excito Life uses that has brought about such big changes in such a short time.I highly recommend this program for anyone struggling with health and motivation

Misty Santos

Business Growth Strategist, Online Sales & Marketing Consultant, Copy Writer & Email Marketing Expert

I came to Jason because I got really sick this summer and couldn’t shake it for weeks. I was not feeling like myself, I was tired all the time and had no motivation for anything. I went through some emotional stress and started smoking again as well. I knew I needed a change so I booked an appointment for food intolerance testing and organ testing. After the test we discovered my adrenals were badly stressed out, so the lovely Jason told me I had to go off caffeine. I was not impressed but knew he had my best interest in mind. So he built me a 60 day detox, which involved no sugar, no alcohol, a few gall bladder flushes and lots of micronutrients. I felt super overwhelmed but knew this is what my body needed from me and I had full faith in Jason’s abilities. About 3 weeks after going off caffeine I felt amazing! I was no longer feeling sluggish. It has not been easy but so worth it, I feel like I have way more energy now and don’t get as tired as fast. I have lost 5lbs so far but feel like I have lost more weight in emotional stress and old baggage. It has been more of an emotional and mental transformation for me. I have even been smoke free for 7 weeks now. Jason has been super helpful and always checking in to see how I am doing and feeling. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows in his personalized programs and protocols. He may have some unconventional ways but he is truly amazing at what he does. He helped me change my life for the better.

Maegen Dennis

Jason has literally taken me from feeling like all I wanted to do is drink my meals because everything I ate made me feel like crap.. yes whole foods, I don’t eat processed or packaged foods and would consider myself a very health conscious person but even with that I knew there was something off and needed to find out what, did I mention I also use to have 15-20 blackout a day! Yup def not a quality of life I wanted to live.. I Originally reached out to Jason because of my son As he was diagnosed with a rare bone disease called Leggs Perthes at the age of 5, 2 years of a varieties of doctors and health care practitioners and boom 60 min with Jason he has William hips aligned and pressure of his bad leg. My mind was blown! We continue to work on maintaining his leg equality and healing his gut as clearly there is an issue going on causing blood and nutrients from getting into the bone Bit wait...my husband... the biggest skeptic out there was suffering with carpel tunnel symptoms and on track to having surgery, again 30min with Jason and he had movement in his forearm like he hasn’t in years and the pain in his elbow dissipated. I can seriously keep going with all the testimonial I have witnessed.. #ibs #migraines #diabetes #chronicpain #crhonsdisease #spinalissues #kneepain #footandhip #candida #yeastovergrowth #mentalandemotional #thyroidproblems The list is endless. So here’s the thing, if you are suffering, struggling thinking pain is Normal on a daily basis, think that western medicine doctors have a “magic pill” that will make everything go away. I call “bullshit” popping a pill is a bandaid not the root! Maybe you think its hereditary♀ seriously just call him.. Do you really, I mean really want to get better, be better, live a vibrant energetic life? Then ditch the pills and find the solution. Jason just may be able to help! #brantford #pickering #toronto #myguru #hehealspeople #coachjay #callhimnow

Amy Allison

I came to see Jason in May of 2018 after experiencing over a year and a half of a muscular and bone infection in my hip. I previously had done a total of 11 months of 3 different IV antibiotics in that time span as well several months on 4 different oral antibiotics. After this time had gone by with no progress, I met Jason. He was the first practitioner that I have met that made me feel like this was not a useless battle and that he would actually help me to feel better and to have my life back in order to go to university. I have had around 10 different specialists in 6 different departments and I was always told that I didn’t have the typical symptoms of an infection despite it being tested to be that. I was told by some specialists that I didn’t fit into any box and that I must have bad luck. The medical system left me feeling discouraged and overwhelmed. Jason didn’t hesitate for a second in helping me. On the first visit with Jason, he addressed many issues with focus on the infection and a previous concussion from a car accident. He doesn’t just look at the surface problems you present but instead he examines all parts of your physical health, lifestyle and emotion/mental wellbeing. After that visit, he suggested that I cut out various foods from my diet (specifically sugar and gluten) in order to cut off the infection’s energy source and I began taking some vitamins and supplements. Jason then did a food intolerance with me to see what foods I am sensitive and intolerant to, which allowed me to be aware and cut these foods out of my diet. Not only did Jason make me feel like I was not a helpless case but he was the person that gave me my happy healthy teenage life back. He helped to clear an infection in 3 months that infection specialists have been trying to clear for over a year and a half; which also got worse on the antibiotics I was on. Jason still remains as a close resource of mine to help me build my immune system back up from all the antibiotic use. He brought forth a whole different perspective that none of the specialists I had seen even considered or mentioned. He gave me hope and I could never thank him enough for that. I feel the best that I have in two years and I certainly have Jason to thank for that.

Emily Ross

I am a 71yr old retired R.N. with a history of joint pains, feet discomfort, chronic(L) hip pains on ambulation. I was diagnosed as having a right leg inequality and was referred to a Foot Clinic for orthotics for some many years and recently for a lift to my (R) shoe which made my (L) hip pain transfer to the lower back. I was referred to Jason approx. six months ago by my son, and after assessment, he felt my problem was various imbalances causing a torsion in the pelvis resulting in pain. He proceeded to stretch muscles and recommended exercises with foam roller and lacrosse ball to address muscular tightness and fascial adhesions. He also recommended stretches and exercises to assist in improving the functionality in my feet and toes, as it affects everything upstream. I have to say after these few months I am much better, my hip is the best it has been, and I can walk without the extreme pain and discomfort. At present we are working on my (R ) shoulder pain related to my tight pectoral muscles. (No pain no gain).

Gemma Sylvan

I just knew I needed to see Jason after seeing a few second videos of him explaining bone structure and root causes to pain. For years I had been seeing weekly various doctors, chiropractors, rmt, and TCM for treatments that seemed to keep me moving offering only temporary relief. In one visit Jason isolated the cause of my problems, in just 6 weeks he completely unlocked the secrets to my healing. I felt better after each visit, and continued to work with Jason to correct alignment, release muscle tension, remove food intolerance, and eliminated my pain. Jason has given me the ability to live an active enjoyable life. His holistic approach to the body, and healing puts him in a class of his own. I wish I had found him sooner!

Kristina Saunders

I first met Jay through what I consider divine intervention or “right place right time” kinda scenario. I have seen more doctors than I can count over the years before and after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in 2009 and have tried so many different modalities. Having Jay as my health coach has been exactly what I have been looking for in a health practitioner, someone who goes beyond the physical and can tap into our inner world and give us the tools we need to heal. The food intolerance test was SO HELPFUL and gave me the momentum and knowledge I needed to start healing. The resources Jason provided me have been absolutely life changing to say the least! He gets right to the point and doesn't sugar coat which I appreciate, he is the person you need to see if you want to get to the root of your health problems! I HIGHLY recommend getting the food intolerance test done!! He is so knowledgeable and truly cares about his clients. I’m so grateful for his work and having him as my health coach!

Daniella Magnatta

I began by simply following Jason’s Instagram account and I soon realized that many of his posts involved the microbiome and healing of the gut. I eventually reached out to explain my health issues and requested a food sensitivity test. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find out about this type of testing and reach out to him sooner. In a relatively short period of time I have become much more informed about what I need to do and consume in order to promote my body’s natural self-healing mechanism. By being committed to and following Jason’s coaching program, I have made a series of manageable changes based around improving the quality of sleep, the quality of what I’m consuming and working towards goals. I have already noticed an improvement in my physique, energy level and overall feeling of well-being. With Jason’s continued guidance, I am confident that I will have access to the resources and information necessary to heal my body, accomplish my goals and live a vital & healthy life.

Greg Amadio

I was referred to Jason through my Vision Therapist for health coaching after having radiation treatment for thyroid cancer. As a result, I've gained 30lbs and became unhealthy physically and mentally due to emotional triggers. One of the first things I noticed about Jason was how well he listens and focuses on what I am saying, really trying to understand what I am attempting to communicate and my particular perspective. He’s completely professional but at the same time offers a different and exciting approach towards health and life coaching, especially when it comes to being more aware about nutrition (gut health) and setting healthy boundaries to balance relationships. Many people beat themselves up about how they look, what they eat and when to exercise. With Jason's coaching, one becomes educated mentally and can learn to manage the mental triggers and temptations we face in our everyday lives. I've gained tremendous knowledge and can't wait to see what other life changes will be made with Jason in the next few months!


I decided to connect with Jason after a mutual friend of mine had such a positive recommendation. I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in 2016 and have been battling health issues since. This year I decided to take a more holistic approach to my lifestyle and with the help of Jay have high hopes to cure myself of Crohn's (despite what western medicine says). Jays approach to gut health is refreshing, unique, and inspiring. It is nice to not only have someone who is incredibly knowledgeable on the topic of gut health, but also someone who is supportive. Since working with Jay I have decreased my crohn's medication and plan to be completely off medication come September and manage with a lifestyle guide supported by Jay. After suffering for nearly 2 years, my body is finally starting to feel like my own again - but even BETTER than before my diagnosis. My weight has stabilized, my symptoms have completely stopped. I never thought feeling 'normal' would happen again - but it has! I would highly recommend Jason to anyone looking to heal their gut issues and needing health support. It is hard to find someone as reliable, supportive, and determined as Jason in this field. Forever grateful for your support and guidance.

Jessie Baker

I am very grateful to have the talented Jason Persaud part of the Learn to Earn 6 Month Mentorship. It has been a pleasure helping him with his business. Today however, I decided to reverse the roles and I went to visit Jason in Toronto to let him have a go at this aging broken down body! I have been plagued with injuries for quite a number of years and have had such a great pleasure of working with some of the best in the field....so Jason had some big shoes to fill today. To say he filled those shoes would be an understatement...this guy is THE REAL DEAL!! This man is wiser beyond his years and I have to say he is truly meant to be here to help heal people and allow them to live to their optimal level. Has your body and health ever have you feeling shackled, as if your body is handcuffing you from being able to move without pain? That's how I spend most of my days! Until today. I spent quite a few hours with Jason. We went through a VERY VERY thorough assessment with a lot of outside the box protocols, including some biomedrian testing to check for any food insensitivities and other internal benchmarks and possible issues. What I really loved was Jason's treatment methods. Jason's understanding of the kinetic chain is fully seen when he decides how to treat. I left today with a very detailed plan to help with my diet, supplementation and training and corrective protocol to help with my hip, shoulder and back issues. If you are looking to increase your performance.....increase your vitality, transform your body, rid yourself of long lasting aches and pains "everyone else" tried to get rid of...do yourself a favour and reach out to Jason!

Joe Arko

I had the pleasure of meeting with Jason in order to correct my diet and find out how to solve a lot of my chronic health issues. The food intolerance testing was our first step and not only was it an eye opener, it was a life saver. Numerous foods that I consumed on a regular basis that I thought were staples to my weight loss and attempt at a healthy lifestyle were actually hurting me. I've been officially on a revised lifestyle that closely follows the results of my test and I'm down 20lbs in two weeks with minor exercise! This is clearly the best foundation to any lifestyle changes. Simply by changing what I ate I have been able to get back into the gym more consistently with less pain in my knees, hips and lower back. I was constantly having lower back issues and always thought the only remedy was stretching and exercise, but they still existed while I played football in the CIS and even when I was in the best shape of my life. By following the intolerance testing my back pain is basically disappeared. I've definitely been waking up easier and sleeping throughout the night. Also able to get to the gym and get through my workouts. My anxiety would get in the way of going to the gym and once I was there my faulty adrenal function and poor health would result in sub par workouts. This snowballed as I wasn't able to do the workouts that I've done before, resulting in my becoming even more discouraged. I went to Jason because I know he's the best, he's always been able to explain the root of the symptoms I have and come up with remedies to the root cause rather than treating the symptom. He doesn't limit his mindset to simply keeping you alive as modern medicine does, he wants all of his guests to live optimally, take in the fresh air, enjoy what the world has to offer, and truly take advantage of the millions of years of evolution that our bodies have gone through to become the miracles they are today. All in all, Jason is as real deal as it gets and you won't find someone who's more dedicated and inspired by their craft than he is.

Kyle Wasson

I met Jay in March 2018 after struggling to find answers and treatment for an illness linked to my breast implants. I was experiencing some pretty awful GI symptoms and extreme weight loss. I was so frustrated with hearing “your lab work looks great! We don’t know what is wrong with you” from all the doctors that I had seen. Being a holistic health practitioner and coach myself, I had done almost everything possible to heal but still I wasn’t getting anywhere. I knew that overcoming this chronic illness was going to be an uphill battle so it was relieving to find a likeminded holistic health practitioner. Jay has been a huge part in my recovery. Together we’ve worked on food intolerances, reestablishing and rebuilding gut health and so much more. I have now even begun to gain weight, instead of constantly losing it. I’m also no longer experiencing the abdominal pain that went along with my GI symptoms. Working with Jay truly has helped me change my life! I’m now centred, driven and healing! His ability to help others heal is undeniable. “A healer is not someone that you go to to be fixed. A healer is someone who teaches you how to heal yourself” - which is perfectly suited for Jay.

Rose Finlay

To truly understand how Jason has helped me, I first need to share a brief history of my health issues over the past decade or so. At 16 I was dancing competitively and had seriously injured my knee and was not able to walk long distances or use the stairs. I met with a physiotherapist for approximately two years who told me to wear a knee brace to help support my knee to alleviate the pain. Eventually I became frustrated with the care I was receiving as I was still in pain daily. I then met with a doctor at the Canadian Knee Institute who diagnosed me with Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome, among other complications with my knee. I was given cortisone injections in my knee and eventually underwent surgery. Afterwards, I was told there was nothing that could be done to alleviate the pain I was in and was recommended to not participate in any high impact activities that would aggravate my joints. By the time I was 20 the pain I experienced in my knee spread to my hips, lower back, spine, upper back, shoulders, and neck. I decided to meet with a chiropractor who assured me that my pain could be managed and alleviated through regular chiropractic adjustments. I met with my chiropractor once to twice a week for approximately five years, however my pain only continued to worsen. I recall one day being in so much pain my body felt like it was 110 degrees, my spine was throbbing, and I felt overwhelmed with nausea. I met with my family doctor who ran extensive bloodwork and ultimately referred me to meet with a Rheumatologist. In February 2018 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and yet again was told there was nothing that could be done for me and the pain that I was in. I was given a script for daily medication to assist with the pain, however was advised there was a 30% chance of effectiveness. I started going to massage therapy, however relief only lasted one to two days. At this point I felt frustrated, depressed, anxious, and hopeless. At 26 years old I was in terrible pain daily and was unable to perform basic daily tasks. It took me over an hour in the morning to feel at all limber, it hurt to bend down to pick something up, and I was unable to sit, stand, or walk for long periods of time. One evening I was lying in bed with a heating pad along my back to attempt to alleviate some pain, when I began scrolling through Instagram and saw a post from my childhood friend, Jason Persaud. I knew for quite some time that Jason had started his own practice and was meeting with various clients to assist them through their health issues. I wasn’t sure if he would be able to help me or have any suggestions, however I was willing to try anything to help with my pain. Jason responded to my message immediately, empathized with me, and scheduled an assessment. The vast knowledge that he had regarding my health issues was astonishing, as well as his ability to break down all of my symptoms and explain why I was feeling the way I was – this was something no doctor or specialist was able to do for me. We decided to continue to meet for six months and work towards feeling better in all aspects of my life. Having known Jason for the majority of my life, I felt that I could be completely honest with him about my journey and the path he wanted to take me on. Jason explained to me that he believed that I had a parasite which was causing much of the inflammation in my body, as well as food intolerances that I was unaware of. I was very upfront with Jason and told him that I found it hard to believe that I had a parasite, but was willing to do whatever it was that he suggested. We started off slowly due to my skepticism, changing a few things in my diet and practicing some self awareness and mindfulness. Once I had adjusted well to my changes, we continued to incorporate new lifestyle changes including foods to avoid, exercise, and other ways to improve my mental health. Jason was available to me 24/7 with any questions or concerns that I had. The very fact that I had somebody on my side who understood what I was going through and that was available to me any time I needed, was extremely comforting. In about two months I was already seeing improvement in my pain and was able to function better. I began going for short jogs with my dog, which I have never been able to do in the past due to my joint pain. He completed a food intolerance test with me which gave me a better idea of the foods I need to avoid. I have completed several liver and gallbladder flushes to assist in detoxifying my body. We have discussed healthy food options, such as organic meats and vegetables, which I have welcomed into my diet. Not only did Jason take the time to explain to me why these changes were imperative, he sent me various news articles, documentaries, and videos to watch the further explain why he has chosen to take me down this path. Recently I injured my neck and back and Jason was able to meet with me, complete some adjustments to alleviate pain and pressure, and give me other exercises to continue to do at home to assist with the healing. Previously it would have taken me a month to heal from that sort of injury, however within days I felt like I was back to normal. Without Jason, I would still be attempting to juggle various doctors, specialists, injections, and medications. I have referred both of my parents to him, as well as colleagues and personal friends. While I still have a long road ahead of me to get healthy, I can say without any reservations that Jason helped me feel better than I have in years.

Shelley Florio

After dealing with asthma, eczema and unexpected one-off problems my whole life, I had started to get fed up with my body. Earlier this year, I reached my breaking point when I was so fatigued I could no longer get my work done for the business I was building. I connected with Jay and he was able to turn my world upside down and realize that I am powerful enough to change my body. We were able to reduce and practically eliminate my asthmatic symptoms, control and eliminate my stomach pains, and ultimately create a lower-stress, higher-energy approach to my everyday life.

Mallory Rowan

I have been seeing Jason for 3 months now and the improvements with my health (mind, body and soul) are truly amazing. Let me start with WHY I went to Jason. My daughter told me to. lol She can be very persuasive. Ok, seriously, here are a few reasons that were factors in my decision. STRESS, pain, lack of sleep and emotions out of control: I was being evicted from my apartment, my girlfriend of 25 years passed away last year, my Dad passed away last year, my job was very stressful, I had surgery for skin cancer on my face this year, I was involved in a tragic event where a 12 year old girl hung herself this past June, I decided to retire and I broke up with my boyfriend. Now I add, I don’t sleep. Hadn’t slept any longer than a few hours at a time for as long as I can remember. Usually took a few hours to fall asleep and constantly waking up. I have tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, neck pain from a previous vehicle accident, lower back pain and so on and so forth. And then let’s add alcohol. I was using alcohol as a crux. I was using over the counter products and prescriptions to alleviate the pain and to try and sleep. Yes, I went to my Doctor and I went to physio for years, but I still had the pain and I was not sleeping unless I took something and then it wasn’t a good sleep. The only saving grace here is that I walked 5 times a week and my eating habits were fairly healthy. Along comes Jason. Sounds like a song. Ha, ha Jason is very thorough with his pre-visit questionnaire to ensure he has all your health (mind & body) details so he can prepare for the time you will spend with him. Jason is very passionate about helping people and has an unbelievable amount of knowledge so that he can help, advise and educate his client. He is very easy to talk to and he explains things in ways to ensure that I do understand. We decided it would be advantageous for me to do a few cleanses to help my organs function better, get rid of toxins and give me more energy. Jason also started working on my pain, especially in my arms. He started me on a regime of minerals / vitamins that would benefit me. I was taking vitamins / minerals, but apparently not the right ones or enough of them. He also advised me of a natural sleeping aid to try. Jason finishes up by giving me homework to do. It’s like back in school. Lol But totally worth it as it is an investment in myself. Reading materials, exercises specific to my physical issues and written exercises that make me really take a good look at my life and where I was and where I want to be. One of my visits Jason did a food intolerance test. You know when you feel bloated, have gas, stomach just doesn’t feel right and you are burping a lot, well it is some of the food we eat. I now have a list of foods I have an intolerance to and what foods I can eat. I try to avoid the foods I have an intolerance to, but know if I do eat them, I will know why I have the gas or feel bloated.

Phyllis Murray

I started working with Jason mid June of this year, after a heavy rebound from my last contest prep. Physically I looked the worst I had ever in my life, and mentally I was at an all time low; both my own doing. I went from sub 5% body fat to someone I didn’t even recognize. I asked Jason if he would help me prep for another show, and after giving him the date, he advised me it wouldn’t be easy, but we could do it. First things first, we did a food intolerance test - finding that my main foods for my last prep that I was eating DAILY, were toxic to me. Chicken, turkey, almonds, sweet potato just to name a few. The staples of a prep for most right!?! Immediately we cut those out of my diet, and within 1 month I saw drastic changes, not only in my physical appearance, but how I felt on the inside. When I had first asked Jay about prep, I was 194lbs, one month after the food intolerance and meal changes, I was 181lbs. It’s now the mid July, and my goal is to do the London Championship in November. Just over 18 weeks away. Jay and I spoke heavily about this, it was highly recommended that I did not do the show. ‘We really need to assess your gut health, get your digestion in check, and get your metabolism firing at 100% again before you do any show. We don’t have enough time to do that between now and your show.’ Being the stubborn person I am, I told Jay I wasn’t willing to do that. I understood the major benefits of doing that, taking my time and getting back to 100%, but this was something I really wanted to do. Jays’s next words were ‘Ok we will do everything we can to get you ready, but it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a lot of work, and a lot of adjustments are going to be made throughout.’ So, we started. 18 weeks until show day... and we started with an 8 week lean bulk. I stopped doing IIFYM, and started following a specific meal plan & supplementation specifically designed for me, based on my food intolerances and gut issues. In the 8 weeks... I had put on twenty pounds. 20lbs people! Just switching my food. I was up to 201lbs, first time in my life I was ever over 200lbs. And feeling good. No chicken, no problem, fresh cod was our protein of choice for most of this prep. From there is was time to start cutting down... 9.5 weeks of a prep - very short some would say. After the first 2.5 weeks I started leaning out, but gained another 9 pounds... so in 10 weeks I was up 30 lbs. I was honestly amazed with how my body responded to something so simple, changing food sources. Of course, micronutrient played a big part in this also. At 7.5 weeks out Jay said we weren’t exactly where we should be (opposed to getting my gut health in check and taking my time back into another prep) so it was going to be a grind; a battle I was willing to take on. As the weeks went by, and the days counted down, I was feeling more and more confident everyday. Of course as a competitor still second guessing myself on the daily too. Fast forward to three weeks out, jay had me do a ‘fast’ of sorts. 3 days straight - only allowed to consume green vegetables only. ONLY. I thought the guy was nuts... but I listened to him, trusting the process. 3 days... down 7.6lbs. We did this one more time before the show. And practically got the same results. Fast forward to show day, still nervous, skeptical, and not so confident. Jay took the weekend off to come up to London with me, and was there every step of the way. Jay is a busy man, so for him to do that, was a pretty big deal to me. All tanned up, practicing posing with Jay in the hotel, eating rice and a donut - were liking what we were seeing. 3rd place in the morning show at the London Championships. Jay congratulated me, although I was still discouraged. ‘Man don’t be discouraged, look what we did with you in a 9.5 week prep, with poor gut health, a shaky metabolism, and introducing new foods and methods. You look great, and you did absolutely everything you could. If we add 6 more weeks to a prep next year, you will come in insane.’ Jay took me out for burgers post morning show, had a couple more donuts and cookies, and then we chilled until the night show. Ate so much food between the morning and night show, I filled out so much more, got tighter and was able to move up a spot - to 2nd place in men’s physique tall. Something I was actually pretty happy about. It turned out to be a good weekend. Jay is one of the smartest people I have met in the industry. His knowledge extends far beyond just the muscles, and food aspect. Jay honestly changed my life - I can say that with confidence. If it weren’t for Jason, I don’t know if I would ever compete again. I’m blessed to have met Jason, and I can’t wait until next year, when we prep for one of the Toronto Pro Qualifiers. This offseason is going to be interesting, and I can’t wait to see what Jay has up his sleeve.

Ryan Philips

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