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Support for Your Whole Body

Physical Body

BioScan – Bioresonance Testing

With this technology we can assess the BioEnergetics of organ systems throughout the body via acupuncture points in the hands and feet. Bioenergetic Medicine Practitioners use this technology to detect toxic residues, microbial overgrowths, mineral/vitamin status and much more. This technology gives us quantified data of your symptoms and assists Practitioners in building individualized protocols that are designed to get to the root cause of a client’s physical, mental, and energetic imbalances so that healing can truly take place. The BioScan allows us to test for food sensitivities and shows us how specific remedies affect your organ function. The BioScan takes the guessing out of the guidance. With this model, clients receive an immediate map and individualized guidance with less frustration and more individualization than the western medical system!

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Jason has had a life-changing impact on my life. His approach to health/wellness is beyond anything that I have ever experienced. His approach is absolutely holistic and starts with your inner core - what’s inside. J has taught me that the physical is an absolute reflection of your inner. As an entrepreneur, we have high levels of stress in life that must be managed. I have learned that this can be done through a balance of nutrition, fitness and rest. Yes, rest. Who would have thought? Jason is a teacher, a therapist, a fitness coach and a holistic nutritionist. The impact he will have on your life is undeniable. As he once put it “If you do what I tell you to do – I guarantee results”. And he was absolutely right!

Mental/Emotional Body

Nervous System Regulation

The nervous system is like a kaleidoscopic by design, it’s not just one system doing one thing. It's complex and connects all parts of our internal human system. The autonomic nervous system is a component of the peripheral nervous system that controls involuntary bodily functions, maintaining internal balance, and adapting the body's responses to changes in the environment. It operates largely unconsciously and regulates various physiological processes, allowing the body to function without conscious effort.

The autonomic nervous system consists of two main branches, the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. These two branches of the autonomic nervous system work together to maintain homeostasis, ensuring that the body can respond appropriately to different situations. The balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic activity is crucial for overall health. Imbalances or dysregulation in the autonomic nervous system can contribute to various health concerns, including cardiovascular problems, gastrointestinal disorders, and mental health issues. Understanding and managing the autonomic nervous system's function holds the key to untangling the fundamental cause of dysregulation and is essential for experiencing a happy and healthy life!

If you're looking for full access to Eryn for guidance personalized to you, this option is for you! Intuitive mind body soul coaching that gets to the root cause of trauma being stored in your body and holding you back from levelling up in your life. Using a combination of talk therapy and somatic therapy techniques to understand and release experiences stored in your body, learn how to regulate your nervous system to your environment, and take inspired action navigating the ups and downs of life. The body keeps score and is a map of every experience you’ve ever had!

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Working with Eryn and Jason at Excito Life has changed my life. I’ve lost 30 pounds, reduced anxiety and stress on a daily basis, and regained clarity about where my life is headed. With Jason I am working on my physical body, specifically my nervous system and systemic inflammation. With a rigorous plant medicine regime I was able to improve all systems and keep my inflammation at bay. With Eryn was able to understand my emotional body and how it was affecting my nervous system and stress levels. We tackled the immediate situational stressors and also looked at the big picture and direction of my life as whole. Since working with both of them I have not only lost weight and gained energy and focus but I am now moving forward with velocity in my career. I wrote a book and took on new and exciting postings with influential organizations. There’s no way I could have achieved these things with my mind and body in crises but I’m happy to say their healing programs has put me on a path of recovery. I believe it’s the mind, body, and spirit approach Excito Life uses that has brought about such big changes in such a short time.I highly recommend this program for anyone struggling with health and motivation.
Misty Santos
Business Growth Strategist, Online Sales & Marketing Consultant Copy Writer & Email Marketing Expert

Spiritual Body

Awaken Your Human Retreats

Our retreats will allow you to experience what it feels like to be safe and loved unconditionally to access deeper parts of yourself. We offer an opportunity to relax, unwind stress, and recalibrate. The intention for this retreat is to quiet the noise within yourself and reconnect to the wisdom that’s always inside you.

During our retreats we offer a native American sweat lodge ceremony, cleanse and awaken medicine experience, bioresonance testing, and full access to our Excito Life Salmon Arm Clinic, which includes bio healing tools and services (sauna, cold plunge, biocharger, biomat + redlight, and braintap HRV). Our retreats are for people who have been working with Jason and Eryn and want to access deeper parts of themselves and have a desire to expand their consciousness and take inspired action on leveling up their life in all the ways. We offer a life changing opportunity to come together in community and experience the sweetness of life!

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I flew from Ontario for the weekend for this retreat and it was worth every penny. I had the most enlightening experience that truly opened my heart and created a new perspective for how I want to live my life. I came in with very little knowledge and experience in the type of work we were going to do over the weekend but Eryn and Jason made me feel so safe and comfortable the whole way through. They made the weekend feel very intimate and smooth. I felt very taken care of. The ceremonies were intense but the feeling afterwards was serene. I was able to learn so much about myself in such little time and Eryn was truly masterful in helping me to uncover and understand these findings so it never felt overwhelming. The Airbnb we had was also a plus to enhance the journey. From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank them enough for taking me through this journey. This is only the beginning for me and I cannot wait to continue my work with them. I am very grateful to have become apart of their community! Xo Aliya
Aliya Romyaldo

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