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Take another step toward your highest self through individualized experiences to fit your needs of your self discovery path!

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Our retreats will allow you to experience what it feels like to be safe and loved unconditionally to access deeper parts of yourself.
We offer an opportunity to relax, unwind stress, and recalibrate with bio healing equipment at the clinic. The intention for these retreats is to quiet the noise within yourself, regulate your nervous system, and connect back to the wisdom that’s always inside you.

During the Healing Retreats we’ll be offering a cleanse and awaken medicine experience, full access to the Excïto Life clinic, which includes all of the bio healing tools and services you see on this page are available to members. Our retreats are not only for people who want to access deeper parts of themselves, but also for anyone who has a desire to heal and expand their consciousness. We’re offering an amazing opportunity to come together in community and experience our medicine with like-hearted people. Come rediscover yourself, get unstuck, and tune into what the Universe is telling you. Take another step toward your highest self through individualized experiences to fit your needs of your self discovery path!


I flew from Ontario for the weekend for this retreat and it was worth every penny. I had the most enlightening experience that truly opened my heart and created a new perspective for how I want to live my life. I came in with very little knowledge and experience in the type of work we were going to do over the weekend but Eryn and Jason made me feel so safe and comfortable the whole way through. They made the weekend feel very intimate and smooth. I felt very taken care of. The ceremonies were intense but the feeling afterwards was serene. I was able to learn so much about myself in such little time and Eryn was truly masterful in helping me to uncover and understand these findings so it never felt overwhelming. The Airbnb we had was also a plus to enhance the journey. From the bottom of my heart I cannot thank them enough for taking me through this journey. This is only the beginning for me and I cannot wait to continue my work with them. I am very grateful to have become apart of their community! Xo Aliya

Aliya Romyaldo


Safety, healing, emotional, trust. These are a only a few of the words I would use to describe my weekend spent with Eryn and Jason. I was provided the means and environment to heal, grow and release that I had never had available to me before. With open arms and hearts these two were selfless and created the safest most trusting space for me to learn and grow. Eryn has a beautiful way of knowing what each individual needs through each ceremony. And Jason has so much to teach everyone about our physical health. Together the 2 of them really help you to understand how each realm is connected and are an amazing example for any individual looking to “level up.”

I’ve never felt this type, or this much emotional release in a positive healing way before. I was a little scared at first because we all know the demons we feel inside at certain times. But this experience I will never forget and will be forever grateful for.

I feel lighter and free is a very heavy beautiful way.

I will be attending more retreats to come and I recommend you do as well, there’s nothing like it.

Kambo was something I was interested in for the fact that I like putting my body through physical challenges. But boy was I wrong. The way Eryn loves and cherishes this medicine that she administers is admirable. The respect she shows and grace with which she holds her ceremonies is a way of being that ought to be sought by the rest of us.

Eryn taught me the importance of cleansing and release as I sat with Kambo for my first time and then moved into doing the Kambo Warrior 3x3 challenge. I thought it was all physical until every emotion I’ve ever felt flew out of my face after the final round.

With Eryn’s guidance and care my walls were broken down and Kambo was able to show me and help me feel things about myself I didn’t know I had stored and hidden.This may have been my first but will not be my last experience with Kambo and other plant medicines. I have a new found love and respect for the space of ceremony and believe this was meant to be my way of healing and growing.

I did want to point out how important it is to find a practitioner and space that helps you feel safe and Eryn, with ease, does exactly that. Eryn thank you for showing me a new modality of healing and providing me the safe space physically, emotionally and spiritually to do so in.

Big Love

Nikola Posch


Jason and Eryn opened their home to us for a 4-day healing retreat and it was a trip we will truly never forget. Aside from the incredible hospitality they offered and the beautiful property on which they live, we felt especially grateful for the support, love, and safe space that they provided. For us, the trip embodied so many key elements to healing - we referred to it as a much needed trip into the Vortex. It was also incredibly valuable to have the opportunity to ask questions anytime and gain education on the daily practices we can implement to our lives. It was the perfect combination of mind, body and spirit work in one weekend. We left with immense feelings of self love, expansion, and growth - and we had a plan for integration when he got home. We can’t wait to come back again soon!

Dalia and Allen


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