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Jason Persaud


Jason is on a mission to decode the complexity of the human body. His teachings equip you with the skills to unravel the intricacies of the human condition. Jason's unique skill is his capacity to create a space that aids in gaining clarity. He is an ex-bodybuilder who realized that fitness does not equal health and longevity. He became sick with a fungal overgrowth that took over his gut and in turn, his mind. This propelled him out of the fitness world and into the quantum holistic health world in both his personal and work life. His global practice revolves around providing effective solutions for chronic pain points. Working with thousands of clients, he has developed a thorough understanding of complex conditions. If the medical system says nothing is wrong with you or other natural options haven’t worked, then you're in the right place. Using bioenergetic medicine and a quantum health approach in order to assess the entire morphogentic field (mind, body, soul). Jason creates a step my step approach to move you in the direction of health and vitality.

Suffering from chronic health issues?
Symptoms that no one can seem to figure out?

You're in the right place

Eryn Persaud


Eryn is a Professor of Kinesiology turned Entrepreneur and Mama who works with people that are stuck mentally, emotionally, spiritually and wanting to bring their health, relationships, and business to the next level. Her method blends the elements of talk therapy and nervous system regulation in a unique way by applying somatic therapeutic practices. Eryn spent years in the traditional medical system seeking solutions for complex trauma that was reflecting into all areas of her life. Choosing to begin the journey back to herself and seeking natural ways to heal has forever changed her life. When working with Eryn, each session is intuitively tailored with practical and spiritual guidance to meet your individual needs. Eryn is a certified Breathwave Breathing Facilitator and Kambo Practitioner. She has a Master of Science Degree specializing in Sport Psychology and is a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. With over a decade's experience in the health and wellness industry, she empowers individuals by applying her knowledge and firsthand experiences discovering the path within. 

Eryn is devoted to leading with her heart forward and head up creating a safe space for you to do the inner work ♡

No one is coming to save you, except for YOU!

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